Matt Coates Music


matt coates music


Goal: $1000
Start Date: October 3rd
End Date: November 1st
Album Genre: Piano/Orchestral

The music industry involves so many people in the creation process, however the artist often only sees a small portion of the money made off of their music! With this campaign, your contribution supports me directly, eliminating middlemen who take hard earned money from artists. Join The Movement!

Traditionally, Crowdfunding Campaigns are structured around perks, ranging from: Minimal – Extreme, in value & variety.

However, at the end of the campaign, all contributors will be thanked with special perks, equal in value. This structure is very important to me, because $10 to someone, may be equivalent to $200 to someone else. To me, all contributions are equal.


Your name listed as a Campaign Contributor!
Your name listed in my next Music Video
A personal Phone or Video Call from me!
Direct Download, 1 week early!
The knowingness that you’ve helped a passionate artist, continue pursuing his dreams.
2 people will be selected at random, to receive a custom Coates Nation T-Shirt!