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Matt Coates – When Words Fail


“When Words Fail” — Digital Download



“When Words Fail” is a musical reflection, of the experiences that I’ve went through over the past year. After getting out of the Hospital, I questioned how I could rebuild a music community, that fell apart right before my eyes — or so I had myself convinced. In times of despair, life can be difficult. However, after lots of brainstorming, I had the idea to launch a Crowd Funding Campaign.

Crowd Funding is something that I was familiar with, however I had no experience with it. I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach it. The last thing I needed, was the embarrassment of a failed Album Campaign, added to the long list of mental stressors.

1 week after creating the campaign, I decided it was time to launch it. Nervously hitting the “Publish” button, I began to feel a rush of unexpected confidence. The problem in this situation, unlike many campaigns, is that the money wasn’t the priority. It was mainly an experiment, to see who actually cares about what I’m doing. Is my time, & creativity even valued, let alone on a monetary level?

After the first day, over 25% of the Campaign Goal was reached.. I couldn’t believe my mind. For the first time in months, I started feeling the momentum that had been lost along the way. After 1 month, the album Campaign reached a total of 117.5% of the target goal!

Even though my music following is small, this experience proved to me that a small community, can join together & make something beautiful happen. A very important lesson that I learned from this, is that no matter how much fear & doubt there is piled up in front of you, don’t let it stop you from taking a chance at something greater!

Thank you for providing me with the Motivation & Confidence, to make this happen. I will forever be grateful.